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Drink beer in Space

Beer in Space Tour

Beer in Space tour (coming 2015 / 2016)

It's the nectar of the gods, and now you can touch the heavens to drink it.
Never in the history of humanity has such a giant leap been made possible. To drink a beer in space.

At 300,000 feet in zero gravity, you'll see the world through the bottom of your glass.

  • Travel to the edge of the atmosphere at over 3 times the speed of sound
  • Go down in history as the first humans ever to consume beer in space
  • After-event party with the Thirsty Swagman crew

Thirsty Swagman now takes you not just on the coolest party tours on planet earth, but into space for the ultimate travel experience. The trip of a lifetime... the pinnacle of adventure.

You'll be amongst the first human beings to take part in the next frontier of space exploration, and go where no man (or woman) has gone before.

You'll pass through the Kármán line, the official height of space at 100 kilometers / 62 miles altitude where you'll be weightless for 5–10 minutes, with a view that will simply take your breath away.

The beer you'll drink has been specifically brewed for consumption in space, and is officially certified as space beer.

It's one small thirst for man, one giant first for mankind.

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Tour includes

  • Space flight or zero gravity flight (see options below)
  • 2 to 3 days preparing for space flight
  • Introduction to consuming liquids in space
  • Vostok Space Beer (brewed by our mates at 4 Pines Brewing Company)
  • One hell of a party afterwards (Thirsty Swagman style of course)
  • Extras incl. video production, space beer shirt, astronaut certificate etc.
  • The most incredible view of earth you've ever had through a bottle     

Beer in Space flights are planned for 2015 / 2016 from US$95,000 (space flight) and from $4,990 (zero gravity / parabolic flight).

Options incl. hotel accommodation, airline flights to and from location etc. available on request. Please note, this is a new concept in travel and currently we're still working out the finer details (eg. regulations on beer consumption in space, logistics etc). Prices and details are approximate only, and subject to change as space tourism becomes more popular.

This is your exclusive chance to register your interest in drinking beer in space – as soon as we're cleared for take-off, you'll be the first to know!

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Thumbs up for Thirsty Swagman Tours

  • Jaron Mitchell (, Australia

    From the dawn of civilisation, people have brewed beer and wherever people went, beer followed. To continue this great tradition we have created a beer for another momentous voyage into space. We've teamed with space engineers from Saber Astronautics Australia; to take the 4 Pines Stout which tastes fantastic on Earth and adapt it for space to produce the world's first space beer. Enjoy your flight, beer in hand!

  • Bek Snadden, Australia

    This is one of the greatest achievements of mankind, and a must-do on anyone's bucket list. My next Thirsty Swagman tour will include this flight.

  • Yankee Air Pirate (US Spy Pilot) and Beer Lover

    Beer just tastes that much better in space in zero G, as the head is just right!

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Tour highlights
  • from $95k
  • Edge of Space
    The ultimate view from over 300,000
    feet altitude
  • Make History
    Be amongst the first of mankind to
    drink beer in space
  • After-event party
    In true Thirsty Swagman style, you'll
    celebrate like it's out of this world
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Karman Line Space Beer
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Official Thirsty Swagman Hardness Guarantee
"If, upon return to earth, your Beer in Space adventure was not the most incredible, kick-ass, and wildest travel experience you've ever had we'll give you a FREE Thirsty Swagman tour (earthbound of course) plus a case of space beer."